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The development of incipient or moderate osteoarthritis who do not respond to conservative treatment makes the shoulder arthroscopy as a treatment . With this technique removed the damaged parts of the articular cartilage , free bodies and osteophytes . This technique can significantly delay total joint replacement of the shoulder.
The development of severe osteoarthritis makes total arthroplasty as a treatment . A damaged joint is often the result of the development of arthritis that often is idiopathic or may be caused from trauma, rupture of rotator cuff tears , chronic disease , Ms. This situation can significantly reduce the quality of life , as the functionality of the individual, his daily routine and his emotional state. The resurfacing is one of the greatest achievements of modern medicine, including replacement of worn parts of the joint with implants extremely durable and completely compatible with the human body. Finally these vary per person, and the lifetime of the implant is dependent on the weight , age and the level of activity of each individual



What is the procedure before surgery ;
Performed to prepare for surgery. Performed x-rays, blood tests and ECG . Take a complete medical history with emphasis on cardiac and respiratory problems, allergies or previous surgery. Becomes final check by a cardiologist and anaisthisiologo.I process is usually done a few hours before surgery .

required keeping patients in the hospital ;

arthroscopy the patient can get discharged the same day , and if required hospitalization arthroplasty 3 to 4 days

What kind of anesthesia required ;

This is determined in consultation with the anesthesiologist , but in most cases required general anesthesia .

What is the recovery time after surgery ;

The return to full activities is approximately 3-4 weeks for arthroscopy to 8-10 weeks for resurfacing .

Αre τhere risks after surgery ;

The complication rate arthroscopy is less than 1% when performed by trained orthopedic surgeons. The complication rate of total hip is about 2-3 %.

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