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The surgical repair done arthroscopically.
The success rate after an anterior cruciate of around 90-93%. The most common causes of failure can induce from:
inaccurate placement of the graft in the initial surgery,
failure recognition and recovery associated injuries that are causes of instability,
failure of graft incorporation,
particularly aggressive rehabilitation – early return to sporting activities,
new injury, and
previous use of synthetic graft.



What is the procedure before surgery;
Performed to prepare for surgery. Performed x-rays, blood tests and ECG. Take a complete medical history with emphasis on cardiac and respiratory problems, allergies or previous surgery. Becomes final check by a cardiologist and anaisthisiologo.I process is usually done a few hours before surgery.

required keeping patients in the hospital;

The patient may have been discharged on the same day.

What kind of anesthesia required;

This is determined in consultation with the anesthesiologist or regional case may be, or general anesthesia.

What is the recovery time after surgery;

The full return to racing activities is approximately nine months.

There are risks after surgery;

The complication rate arthroscopy is less than 1% when performed by trained orthopedic surgeons.

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