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At the stage of separation of bone fragments may be pain during movement and swelling of the joint. When the dead piece detached and fall into the joint, it is possible to occur sudden pain and limitation of motion of the knee, which can unblock the sufferer himself with mild shaking of the joint.
Without proper treatment, the bone-cartilage would lead to a painful joint thus developed degenerative osteo-arthritis.
The disease assessment done with the aid of X-rays and MRI.
Treatment involves immobilization of the joint for at least 8-10 weeks and gait partial charge – reassessment.
The surgical treatment consists of arthroscopic epanakathilosi partially or fully apospasthentos portion using ultrafine absorbable pins, and when this can not be done, a graft for covering the deficit.



What is the procedure before surgery;
Performed to prepare for surgery. Performed x-rays, blood tests and ECG. Take a complete medical history with emphasis on cardiac and respiratory problems, allergies or previous surgery. Becomes final check by a cardiologist and anaisthisiologo.I process is usually done a few hours before surgery.

required keeping patients in the hospital;

The patient may have been discharged on the same day.

What kind of anesthesia required;

This is determined in consultation with the anesthesiologist or regional case may be, or general anesthesia.

What is the recovery time after surgery;

full refund in competitions ranging from 4 to 6 months.

There are risks after surgery;

The complication rate arthroscopy is less than 1% when performed by trained orthopedic surgeons.

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